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We Love Slugging, Here's A Bit About It!

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Slugging with balm as a natural dry skin support remedy with vatea
Slugging has been a tik tok trend which involves applying thick petroleum based Vaseline or the like on your skin and leaving overnight.  The key benefit is the Vaseline acts as a shield on your skin preventing water loss, or trans epidermal water loss (TEWL).
It originated in Korea.  As we know Koreans have amazing skin, although guess what? It works much, much better using natural balms without the toxic petrochemicals of Vaseline!  VATEA, is known for  balms..  Deeply Nourishing Balm, Gentle Baby Balm and Dry Skin Support Balm.
Natural slugging with vatea balms
How does it work? You’re getting all the benefits of sealing in the moisture, yet with the added benefit of enriching your skin with vitamin E, and powerful plant extracts, actives and oils that are proven by science to nourish and strengthen skin, including tamanu, jojoba oils, shea, cocoa butter, CO2 extract of chamomile, calendula.. the list goes on! Further details are below and don't forget to share your results!
Read below key benefits of ingredients in VATÉA Balm and click our sensitive skin range here
Chamomile: Natural anti bacterial for the skin
Vitamin E: A natural anti-inflammatory for the skin
Coconut Oil; Anti bacterial and anti fungal for the skin
Beeswax: A natural skin barrier 
Cocoa butter: A natural Skin barrier
Tamanu Seed Oil: A Natural, powerful anti-bacterial to benefit skin healing
Jojoba Seed Oil: Natural anti-inflammatory to support the skin
Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins, A, C and F for skin healing
Calendula: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

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