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VATEA Philosophy

What does VATÉA mean?

VATÉA was the ancient Creator or God of the South Pacific, also under the name Watea, Avatar and Avatea.

For us, VATÉA provides a source of reflection of Polynesian folklore; the kindness of the people, their pure water and their rich volcanic soils which in turn nurture an abundance of healing plant oils, extracts and actives that have been used effectively for thousands of years.

 VATEA represents our efforts to live in balance with the natural world. 

VATÉA in essence is freedom and simplicity.

Freedom to be kind to yourself.

Freedom to choose natural, scientifically proven healing remedies over complex pharmaceutical formulations to maintain balance with your body and the greater organic world.

Freedom to know VATEA seeks simple solutions for your body, your loved ones and our planet that are effective, nurturing and sustainable.

Simplicity is Freedom | Freedom is Simplicity



The impact of what we put on our skin and how we treat our skin has been a lifelong passion.  My father is a pharmacist and was the co-founder of Dermaveen, and he often tested different plant ingredients on our skin.  I laugh now at his alarm when I explained that VATEA products would be sulphate free, free of parabens and even 'organic,' as he felt this was all very gimmicky!  Happily, he is now a massive fan and recommends our products to many of his friends and acquaintances.  He especially loves our balms as can't believe how gentle and effective they are.🌿

My reason for ensuring our products were natural and organic and without the harmful preservatives and fragrances, was due to the massive rise in skin sensitivity issues, for example, eczema which many friends' children were experiencing. Upon further research, I learnt that half of the worlds population experiences some form of skin sensitivity at some point, and this is on the rise. It's also a fact that many of the most common bath washes for babies and children contain sulphates and parabens that are known irritants and should be washed off immediately after bathing which many parents are not aware of. As mothers know, many of these substances get caught between babies and toddlers chubby creases leading to skin irritation that can last years. 

This inspired me to create nourishing, effective and aesthetic skin and hair products to provide daily solutions to every day problems.

In the search for effective, non-toxic, natural treatments, I turned to the knowledge of cosmetic scientists and combined it with a passion for adventure to better understand the ancient remedies used for skin health in the South Pacific, including Fiji, Samoa and Australia. It was inspiring learning from the islanders how the solutions for curing cuts and abrasions were actually very simple using plants oils including tamanu, moringa and coconut oil. Further, realising that many of our garden plants in Australia such as jacaranda and wattleseed hold incredible medicinal natural Actives that can increase collagen production, promote skin healing and support skin elasticity.

The results are in, our formulations are effective, gentle and prevent skin sensitivities. There’s no greater job satisfaction than hearing from our customers how VATÉA has freed them from worrying about their skin concerns and their loved ones. With a curiosity and creativity, I hope you enjoy VATÉA as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.