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What does 'Natural' mean?

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
What does 'Natural' mean?

While there is no legal definition of 'natural' when it comes to the cosmetics industry most people have an idea of what they want that word to mean.  For some people a natural product is one where they can recognise each and every ingredient, for others it means the product is fresh or un-preserved while some feel that the most important things to consider are ingredient sustainability and their biodegradability.  For Vatea our truth starts with accepting that ours is a journey, a pathway to purity.  

In a nutshell we believe that a natural product should be developed to an ethical framework that contains all of those things mentioned above and more but that allows the creation of a usable, enjoyable and affordable product that is as simple and effective as it can be. 

The cosmetic industry as a whole is evolving its chemistry further and further into a green space and we are excited to be a part of that process.  While it sounds idyllic to create cosmetics using edible, recognisable ingredients and nothing more, this often means making commercially un-viable compromises on microbial and physical stability, efficacy and wearability.   By investing in green chemistry and bio-engineered solutions wherever we can we are doing our bit for a sustainable future while still maintaining a product range that looks and feels great!  This does mean that sometimes we will use ingredients that are not instantly recognisable but in those cases our ingredient disclosure page of our website elaborates on the what, where and why's.

Currently our products are between 90-100% plant derived with the gap being made up of functional ingredients such as thickeners, preservatives and foaming agents, some of which are nature-identical and others which are a combination of natural and synthetic chemistry.  Our aim is to evolve our chemistry further into the green space while maintaining product performance and affordability.  We look forward to you joining us on that journey.

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