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Space of Beauty, An Introduction to Vatea

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Space of Beauty, An Introduction to Vatea


.....Several weeks ago I kindly received the Soothing Oil Wash* and Pure Body Oil*, if you’ve followed my blog for awhile you will know my love of oils runs deep.

These multi-purpose oils have actually blown me away, hey are fantastic and affordable! Both of these products retail for only $22 (AUD) for 250mls!!!!  

Talk about being affordable, I love the pump dispensers, it is so handy and versatile to use.

I’ll start with the Soothing Oil Wash* I literally use this for everything.

The natural scent is very fresh and calming, I notice bits of chamomile and lavender peeking through, it is very subtle and not overpowering.

The Soothing Oil Wash destroys makeup, it is nice and emulsifying so it turns milky once you add water to it.

I add a pump or two into my kids bath and their delicate skin is always so soft and nourished afterwards, it is especially good for my older son who gets prone to skin irritations and dryness, it has really helped him.

I’ve had a bit of an irritated scalp recently, so I massaged a few pumps on to my scalp and hair and left it for a treatment for then washed it out 1/2hr later, because its emulsifying it washed out really well.

I’ve also used this as a body wash in the shower, this genuinely is a great multi-tasking product....

...The Pure Body Oil* I tend to notice the slight hint of citrus peek through most in this lovely blend.

Once again, I use this head to toe.

I love smothering this all over my body after my shower, and because it is so affordable, you can be quite generous.

I’ve applied this to my hair, both damp and dry, to help nourish the ends.

The blend is quite light that I also apply it to my face, I just press the tiniest amount over my skin, both morning and night time.


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