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5 Tips to Manage Winter Skin

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
5 Tips to Manage Winter Skin

Why does skin feel dry and itchy in winter?

The combination of dry winter winds, heating, and not drinking enough water may lead to dehydrated, dry and flaky skin. Your skin may appear stretched, with fine bumps and blisters, and cracked hands and lips.

 Here are 5 tips that combine diet and skin care for beautiful winter skin:

  1. Hydrate from the inside out

Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as mackerel, salmon, walnuts, avocados, chia seeds, linseeds, olive and canola oil.  Omega 3 foods are known to improve the cell structure of the skin and increase hydration. Although, it’s not only your skin that will benefit, the health of your gut will also benefit, which may protect you from colds and flu during the winter months.

  1. Drink up!

Continue to drink plenty of water in winter.  If cold water doesn’t appeal on a cold winter’s day, the best alternative is warm, boiled water which you can drink either as a tea, with a squeeze of fresh lemon, or just plain. It’s really so easy, especially with the gorgeous array of insulated options for carrying warm water. 

In China and India, it’s only ever been advisable to drink warm or hot water. In these cultures, it is said that to consume any cold foods will disrupt digestion. A friend from China explained it this way, “You only ever wash the dishes with hot water, so why not treat your body the same?” So true! 

  1. Moisturise more

Use a light facial cleansing brush, or very light face scrub weekly to remove flaky skin.  Ensure you choose a scrub that is kind to the environment. Health stores are the best place to source these.  Flaky skin doesn’t blend well with foundation, so scrubbing it away definitely helps with the appearance.  Be careful, as the process of scrubbing will dry your skin out, so it’s important to immediately follow with a rich, hydrating cream that can soak in.  I apply Vatéa Beautiful Hand Cream which is also good for the face, it’s rich in South Pacific oils and butters, plus a unique dry skin essential oil blend of frankincense and rose geranium.  On top of this, I add a thin layer of Vatéa Pure Body Oil, in winter as long as you’re using a quality product, you never over do hydration creams. This combination enhances the appearance and texture of my skin 100%! 

  1. Give your skin nutrition

Take a zinc supplement. Zinc is fantastic for healing the skin and if you have sensitive, irritated, scaly or acne prone skin, a zinc supplement should be definitely on your list.   I’ve been taking zinc for years and suggest you speak to your local pharmacist or naturopath for advice on which one to take.

  1. Gentle does it

Use an extremely gentle face cleanser that will not to disrupt the skins natural Ph balance.  I’ve tried everything, from sunlight soap, to common supermarket brands but they were all just too harsh on my skin. I then tried some of the most well-known brands in natural skincare and I also found they didn’t work.  Big careful with your choice and always look at the ingredients.  Even big label natural skin care brands are not actually that gentle, and often contain synthetic perfumes and compounds.  I now use Vatéa Nourishing Hand and Body Wash on my face and can say that I’ve never looked back.  Vatéa Nourishing Body Wash is enriched with oils, as well as a natural cleaning system. This means – as you clean, oils are being replaced – it’s a good balance!


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