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F R E E D O M + S I M P L I C I T Y

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
F R E E D O M + S I M P L I C I T Y

Inspiration for Multi Use products 

What does Vatéa mean?  Vatéa is inspired by Polynesian folklore. The Polynesian sea, land and people have inspired our ingredients, our love of all things natural, and our efforts to live a free and simple life with love and purpose.  Vatéa in essence is freedom and simplicity.

The South Pacific is a fascinating area, rich in history and natural beauty.  We love returning and reconnecting with the islanders of Rotuma and Samoa in the South Pacific.

I'm humbled by the simple and beautiful life of the islanders and the contentment that abounds. Even so, the pacific islanders do have concerns –

including overdevelopment from tourism, effects of climate change and community disunity. Their hopes are for their youth.  They hope the new generation will continue on the islands, farming and forging the strong sense of community.

Vatéa has always been a source of reflection of the light and love of the South Pacific. It has enabled an ethos of freedom and simplicity to emerge. 

Freedom to be kind to yourself.  

Freedom to choose health for yourself and your family.

Freedom to choose natural healing over complex pharmaceutical formulations.  

Freedom, knowing Vatéa is about multi-use skin, hair and baby products with natural healing ingredients of tamanu, coconut, moringa and chamomile.

Simplicity of life, knowing Vatéa products are effective, kind to your skin and smell beautiful. 

Simplicity is freedom.



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