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6 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Power of Natural Healing Remedies

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Vatea natural skin care

Our bodies do so much for us. They help us go about our daily lives, whether that be navigating a busy day at work, caring for our little ones or juggling a bit of both. In the midst of it all, taking the time to consider how we care and nourish our bodies can often fall off our to-do list.

With so much on our plates, choosing ingredients trusted for generations is one of the best ways to nourish and nurture the skin and hair of our whole family. At VATÉA’s we’re passionate about the power of natural healing remedies to alleviate discomfort and irritations and promote soft, beautiful skin. In fact, our entire range of natural and organic baby skin care and family skin and hair care combines the benefits of natural ingredients with modern, scientific formulas proven to replenish and revitalise.

Let’s explore 6 of the key benefits of natural healing remedies and how VATÉA’s award-winning range leverages these trusted ingredients to support healing for you and your family. 

For aiding healing and supporting dry skin: Aloe Vera

For over 5,000 years, Aloe Vera has been a trusted natural healing remedy used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans and Aztecs. This remarkable natural ingredient has been a powerful healing agent, shown to stimulate skin growth and repair and even improve scar strength more effectively than topical antibiotics

For those navigating dry skin conditions, Aloe Vera has been shown to effectively hydrate and moisture the skin naturally. Here at VATÉA, you’ll find this powerful natural healing remedy infused in all our baby products including our Dreamy Baby Organic Wash to support recovery from nappy rash and other skin sensitivities.

Plus, the whole family will love our multi-purpose Nourishing Hand and Body Wash, formulated with pure plant oils (including Aloe Vera) to soothe and support all skin types. 

For protecting against free radicals and cellular damage: Coconut Oil

As far as multi-purpose natural healing remedies go, coconut oil is one of the most popular (and with good reason!). Whether ingested or applied to the skin, coconut oil’s unique chain of fatty acids serves as a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals known to lead to cellular damage. 

Want to harness the power of coconut oil for your family? Our award-winning Australian Certified Organic Gentle Baby Balm is enriched with a range of natural ingredients (including coconut oil) to support healing, alleviate baby eczema, and soothe irritated skin.

For soothing irritation and inflammation: Chamomile Co2 Extract

Since the times of ancient civilisations such as the Romans and Egyptians, chamomile has been a natural healing remedy used to calm, soften and soothe the skin. There’s a reason you’ll find this natural ingredient infused into so many herbal tea blends! Studies have shown chamomile’s effectiveness in reducing inflammation, supporting healing and encouraging relaxation before bed.

VATEA’s Our Small World organic baby range uses a unique Chamomile Co2 extract to harness this natural healing remedy to reduce skin irritation and sensitivity. Infused with this powerful natural extract, our range gently soothes inflammation across the entire body for softer, smoother skin.

For moisturising and rejuvenating dry skin and hair: Moringa Oil

Known as the ‘Miracle Tree’ in Africa, the Moringa Oleifera tree produces a precious natural healing remedy renowned for its ability to soften, smooth and rejuvenate the skin and hair. Packed with 14 different amino acids, the leaves of the Moringa tree produce a powerful anti-bacterial oil that hydrates and conditions naturally.

We infuse our products with oil extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree to craft naturally powerful healing products to protect the skin and hair. Not only does this nourishing oil soften and hydrate but it also creates a barrier against harmful free radicals found in common air pollution.

Give your family the benefits of this natural healing remedy with our multi-purpose Pure Body Oil. Perfect for all skin types, this nourishing oil supports dry and sensitive skin and can be used regularly across the face, body and even hair whenever nourishment is needed.

For nourishing sensitive scalps and supporting healthy hair: Quinoa

While most of us will think of quinoa as merely a great salad base, this mighty ingredient has been shown to strengthen, repair and protect our locks too. Containing 8 powerful amino acids and a high concentration of essential minerals, quinoa supports hair growth and beautiful gloss.

In fact, research has revealed the benefits of small levels of quinoa protein to enable deep hair repair and revitalisation. The best bit? With continual usage, quinoa is shown to naturally produce strong, silky beautiful hair.

That’s why you’ll find hydrolysed quinoa in VATÉA’s Kind Shampoo (one of our most awarded products, winning the Editor’s Choice Award at the Organic Beauty Brands Australia 2020 Awards). This gentle, soothing formula naturally brightens and improves hair texture with added natural tea tree oil to support dry, flaky and sensitive scalps.

For promoting soft, healthy skin: Tamanu Oil

Finding its roots in the islands of the South Pacific and South East Asia, the tamanu tree has been used for generations to heal and soothe dry, irritated skin. While tamanu oil is relatively new to the Western world, the women and communities of the South Pacific Islands have been using this natural healing remedy to nourish rashes, acne, dry skin conditions and promote soft, supple skin for generations.


Give the gift of beautiful, moisturised skin to your family with VATÉA’s Soothing Oil Wash. Rich in a beautiful blend of natural plant oils (including tamanu oil), this oil-based cleanser is perfect for all skin types for use as a gentle nourishing wash for the little ones, as a shaving oil or make-up remover.


Whether you’re searching for soft skin, looking to alleviate irritation or nourish dry hair, natural healing remedies are perfect for supporting healing and nourishment. At VATÉA, our range of organic baby skin care and natural skin and hair care products are lovingly crafted to soothe and soften skin naturally. Plus, take a look at our new Dry Skin Balm, infused with a range of natural plant extracts and oils to support healing. Find out more about this new product here. [Insert link to buy/pre-order the Dry Skin Balm].



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