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Naturally Avoid Viruses

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Naturally Avoid Viruses
As many of us approach round 2 of quarantine, take care and stay informed as much as possible..  

It might help to know how the virus spreads and why using soap is as effective as an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

We've done a little research and the virus, Sars Cov 2 (what we also call coronavirus and covid 19) can live in the tiny particles of saliva from a sneeze and mucus from our nose and eyes.  The virus then lives in fatty particles, or oil on our hands.  These fatty particles can then be left on surfaces through touch,  waiting for an innocent bystander to then touch the infected surface and touch their nose, mouth or eyes.

Therefore the trick is to dissolve and remove all the fatty particles on our hands before we touch our nose or eyes again, or a common surface. This can be done by soap lather, as the essence of soap is to remove all the oil and grease from a surface, including our body.  Hand Sanitiser with alcohol acts in the same way although without water, this is why your hands might be feeling so incredibly dry at the moment.  In summary,  it's the act of removing all the oil, grease and natural fat particles from our hands, rather than the ingredients killing the virus.

Our ingredients such as coconut, lavender, chamomile and orange oil will kill bacteria but not the actual virus.   😊

We can recommend,  Nourishing Hand and Body Wash as a gentle and effective method of removing affected fat and oil from our hands.

Here are a few words about the Nourishing Hand and Body Wash from our gorgeous customers ..

"So happy with the feel on mine and my children's skin. Smells delicious and love the designs on the bottles." Nadelle

Love, Love this Product
"I first came across this divine item at a BNB in Palm Beach, NSW, and just fell in love with the fragrance!  I am a product junky but this keeps me coming back all the time as it’s not a ‘ rip off ‘ price for the quality it entails.. thanks for a dream come true product! " Deb

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