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Cold water for the soul

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Cold water for the soul

How cold water can benefit your mental health

First, there is no shame as It's wonderful now that mental health is more in the open and hopefully in the future, it will be treated as a fractured ankle or flu, not to say many are still facing their greatest challenges in silence and with no support.

People have their ways to cope, although one very accessible way to rejuvenate and reset the body is to  jump in cold water, either at the beach, a pool, the shower or bath.  How it works?  It teaches us to be still with discomfort, it teaches us that while the sudden shock of the cold water can be bracing, if we just keep calm, our body will adapt, we are all strong enough.

This is the case with any discomfort we face, the key is to sit with it and allow it to pass.

Here are a few links to experts to help you find reasons for that quick dip; to revitalise and reset your system, to find mental comfort with the physical discomfort.

Wim Hof Method, cold water can reduce inflammation,

HealthLine;  cold water can help with depression and improve metabolism

With thanks, image from The Guardian 

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