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5 Benefits of Body Exfoliation. The Natural Way!

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Natural Body Exfoliant and 5 Benefits of Exfoliation, 5 quick tips on how to exfoliate.

Our smoothing walnut and ground stone body exfoliant clears tired skin of bumps and irregularities to unlock fresh, glowing skin.  

Natural actives of Waratah aid the skins rejuvenation process with naturally occurring PCA compounds, (Protocatechuic acid) phenolics acids and anti-oxidants to hydrate and calm irregular pigmentation. Further anti-microbial actives found in Wattleseed Extracts deeply and naturally cleanse the skin and support against inflammation.

Amazing!! My skin is always super dry and I rubbed the Vatea (Smoothing) Exfoliant on my arms and legs before the shower and it has made my skin super soft! Will definitely be buying this again. Thanks Vatea :) Bianca, Sydney.
Benefits of Exfoliating;

1. Rejuvenates your skin by stimulating cellular reproduction.
2. Enhances absorption of vitamins found in oils and creams after exfoliation to maximise the nourishment of the skin.
3. Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage supporting detoxification.  
4. Enhancing the appearance of the skin by minimising lumpiness.
5. Invigorates the nervous system leaving you feeling energised.

Quick tips how to rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating in winter;

1. Start while your skin is dry just before you jump in the shower.  
2. Begin at your feet and work your way up your body from your hands to your shoulders finishing at your heart to maximise positive blood flow to aid in detoxification.
3. Use a dry brush to scrub your back.
4. Your skin maybe itchy, this is from the removal of flaky skin.
5. Oil your body with Pure Body Oil after your shower and use an old bathrobe while it absorbs.
Benefits of a using natural ingredients to exfoliate;

1. Vitamins and actives present in nangai, wattleseed and Waratah are far better absorbed by the skin in a natural state over synthetic vitamins produced in laboratories. Healthline
2. Ground walnut, pumice and almond do not disrupt marine life and human health as they enter the water ways as  microbeads do which are commonly found in personal care exfoliants. AWE
3. Free of Phthalates which are known hormone disruptors contributing to the massive drop in fertility in both men and women. Countdown
4. Free of drying, harsh preservatives and sulphates which contribute to the massive rise in skin sensitivities and irritations. Skin Sensitivities
5. Supporting farmers and the whole agricultural sector as we source natural ingredients locally and from within our region over pharmaceutically produced synthetics.

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