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How to care for dry skin naturally

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
How to care for dry skin naturally

There is nothing as beautiful as soft newborn skin. We all want our little ones to feel supported and cared for throughout their life, and the same applies to their skin. However, over time many babies, children and even adults can develop dry skin conditions that may cause pain, irritation and discomfort. Discover how to care for dry skin and why we believe natural products are the best way to treat dry skin for every member of your family.  

What causes dry skin? 

At different times in our lives, many of us will experience dry skin symptoms. In most cases, dry skin is a temporary condition that flares up during the colder months. The typical signs of dry skin include feelings of tightness across the skin, roughness in skin’s appearance and texture, itchiness, flaking, scaling, cracking, redness and even small amounts of bleeding.  

For most of us, dry skin is caused by the environment around us. These include the weather, with wind, lower temperatures and decreased humidity levels causing the skin to experience dryness. As well as this, the use of heating and taking long hot showers during winter can cause the skin to lose precious moisture during the colder months.  

Another key cause of dry skin is the use of harsh soaps and cleansers that strip the skin of its natural oils and moisturising agents. By removing these healthy oils, the skin is unable to maintain healthy levels of nourishment and softness, which can lead to dryness, irritation, and flakiness. 

What myths exist about dry skin? 

Dry skin is one of the most misunderstood skin conditions for many people. One of the most common misconceptions that exist about dry skin is that dryness only occurs during the colder months. However, dry skin can occur all year round, making it essential to develop a consistent skincare routine using natural, organic products.  

Another common myth about dry skin is that your skin will adapt to certain skincare products and these products will stop working overtime. However, this is a myth as high-quality natural products will help maintain skin softness for the long term and are tested to ensure they continue to nourish and soothe dry skin for years to come.  

The benefits of using natural products to care and treat dry skin 

By using natural, Australian Certified Organic skincare products, you are helping to support healing and reduce irritation and dryness. At VATÉA, our entire skincare range is scientifically developed and tested on loved ones with healing essential oils and plant extracts suitable to be used on all skin types. For those looking to treat dry skin, our Flaky Skin Box for Kids is perfect for the whole family, featuring gentle oil washes, massage oils and balms designed to calm, soften and restore the skin’s natural PH to re-establish natural oil production.  Our Revival Skin Collection is wonderful for adults suffering dry skin
Want to treat your family’s dry skin the natural way? Explore VATEA’s entire skincare range here. 

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