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The best products for sensitive skin

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
The best products for sensitive skin

Every body is unique. From the style of clothes we wear to our favourite types of food, we all have our own tastes and preferences that make us one of a kind. For many families, finding skin and hair care products to suit everyone’s unique skin type and conditions can be a challenge. If you or one of your little ones experience sensitive skin, discover what causes sensitive skin and the products that are perfect to soothe and support healing, naturally.


What causes sensitive skin?

For many babies, children and adults that experience sensitive skin, the cause of this condition can be difficult to identify. In most cases, sensitive skin is linked to other skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema or even irritant contact dermatitis. However, there is a range of factors that can cause the skin to become irritated, including changes in weather, allergens such as pollen or dust, as well as the frequent use of harsh cleansers that strip the skin of its precious natural oils.

For those that experience sensitive skin, this condition is typically identified by tight or sore skin, redness, uneven skin appearance and texture, dryness, flakiness and itchiness.


What misconceptions exist about sensitive skin?

For such a common skin condition, there are many myths and misconceptions that exist about sensitive skin. In fact, a recent US study indicates than 50% of women identify as having a sensitive condition. The first myth that exists it that only those with dry skin can experience sensitive skin symptoms. However, all skin types including oily, combination and even normal skin can be prone to sensitivity, with hydration levels proving a key factor in maintaining healthy, nourished and soft skin.

Another common myth about sensitive skin is that you should only use water and not skincare products to wash and cleanse sensitive skin. This is another misconception, as gentle natural products that contain only pure essential oils and Certified Organic ingredients are known to soothe and support healing for sensitive skin conditions.


Why natural products are the best choice to treat sensitive skin

If you or your little ones are experiencing sensitive skin, switching to natural products is the best choice for your family. Free from parabens, sulphates and harsh cleansers, natural skin care products help to restore the skin’s natural oil production with ingredients sourced straight from nature. At VATEA, our Revival Skin Collection features the best of our Certified Organic skincare range with nourishing plant oils, extracts and essential oil blends suitable for sensitive, dry and flaky skin. The best bit? This collection is perfect for the whole family to use.


Ready to soothe sensitive skin? Explore VATEA’s full range of natural skincare products here which are all suitable for sensitive skin types. Please do a little trial first.  

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