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What Makes a Body Oil Super Effective?

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
What Makes a Body Oil Super Effective?
What makes an average Body Oil and what makes a great body oil?

The quick difference is plant-based oils are rich in vitamins and more readily absorbed by the skin, adding both vitamins and skin softening emollients to your skincare routine.

Paraffin based oils such as Bio Oil are mineral based, therefore soften the skin, although without any vitamins or nutrients.

The top 3 ingredients in VATEA Pure Body are Sweet Almond Seed Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.  Ingredients with anti-flammatory properties, oleic acid, vitamin E and squalene.
Here's why these top 3 ingredients are so good for your skin..

·      Enhance the skins circulation with vitamin E.
·      Vitamin E is anti-ageing as it regenerates the skin following sun damage
·      Oleic Acid smoothes bumpy skin
·      Vitamin E is anti inflammatory and can Improve the appearance of scars and hyper pigmentation
·      Squalene is a non greasy emollient found in macadamia oil

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