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Healthy Hair and Scalp Challenge

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Natural sulphate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner, suitable for sensitive scalps.
If you find yourself with 4 - 10 days free and find your hair looking a little heavy and lifeless, you can either spend up to $100 and more on chemical treatments, serums or masks, or you can go without washing your hair, enabling your scalps natural oils to do the work.

HOW?  I know how your hair feels after a sweaty gym or yoga session, although don't wash it! Just sleep on it, comb through, slick it back, wear it in a pony tail, wear a scarf, a hat.. What ever works best for you.  Do this for 4 days minimum, or as long as you can manage, then wash it with Kind Shampoo, twice if you feel it needs it and follow with Nurturing Conditioner.   Blow dry your hair as usual, you will notice the difference. It will feel less stressed, shiny, soft to touch with a healthy glow.

Your skin requires a PH or Potential Hydrogen level to remain healthy.  PH is a unit of measurement to measure how much hydrogen is in liquids.  As our body is 80% water, PH is an important measurement for our overall health, including skin health.  PH is measured between 1 and 14.  7 is considered Neutral, our body is considered to have a PH of approximately 7.4.  Below 7 is considered too acidic and above is too alkaline.  If your skin's PH sits on either side of these extreme's, you'll find your skin's immunity is sluggish leaving it open to irritation from yeasts, moulds bacteria, viruses.

What affects your skin's PH? What you eat, i.e what seeps out of your pores and what you put on your skin. If your PH is in balance from the inside, then your skin's natural oils will effectively maintain the health of your skin, that is unless you're constantly eradicating these oils with harsh cleanses or treatments. Then your skin will constantly try to re- balance and like our gut, good bacteria on the skin is healthy and healing.

Hence, the importance of giving your skin, especially your scalp, a break. Allow your scalps natural oils or sebum to nourish and nurture your skin. The good news is, it's a very reasonably priced treatment, and becomes cheaper over time.

If you have had chemical or heat treatments on your hair over a long period, it will take longer to heal, although hang in there. If, after not washing your hair for a period of time, you find an irritation occurs, this is likely due to your diet, think about any dietary, or stress you might be experiencing, and perhaps speak to your GP.

Enjoy the natural way, it's very beautiful!

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Review on 23 Jan 2023. "I love that I didn’t have to sacrifice my health or the texture of my hair for good shampoo and conditioner. I will buy this again and again and again"

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