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11 reasons why natural skincare is the best choice for your skin

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
11 reasons why natural skincare is the best choice for your skin

We make thousands of decisions every day. Most of them happen without us even taking notice. Whether it’s choosing what to wear to the office or deciding which podcast to tune into on our morning drive, each choice we make has an impact on how our day plays out. But, have you ever thought about the impact of what you’re applying to your skin every morning and night? The type of skincare products we use on a daily basis plays an important role in our overall health and wellbeing. Wondering why you should make the switch to natural products? Here are 11 key benefits to using natural skincare in your daily routine.  

Natural skincare is free from chemicals 

Unlike many traditional skincare products, natural skincare only uses ingredients that naturally occur in the environment. From essential oils to plant extracts, natural skincare is non-toxic and nourishes the skin with ingredients sustainably sourced from the land and environment around us.  

Natural skincare is sulphate and paraben-free  

Similarly, natural skincare is free from other nasties such as sulphates and parabens. These chemicals and toxins are used to preserve traditional cosmetic products to ensure longer shelf life, with these harsh chemicals easily absorbed into our body through the skin.  

Natural skincare is cruelty-free 

As natural skincare uses products sourced directly from nature, you can rest assured these products and ingredients aren’t tested on vulnerable animals making these products 100% kind to the earth and your skin. 

Natural skin is gentle and soothing  

Blended using all-natural ingredients means natural skincare products are kind, nourishing and soothing while still working effectively to heal a range of skin conditions such as dryness, redness, itchiness and even eczema.


Natural skincare can be used by the whole family  

Harnessing the natural healing qualities and multi-purpose uses of ingredients sourced directly from the earth makes natural skincare ideal for babies, children and adults. Clear the clutter in your cupboards by making the switch to Certified Organic natural skincare products that can be used by the whole tribe. 

Natural skincare supports healing

Drawing upon the ancient healing practices used by South Pacific communities, Vatea’s skincare range natural supports healing with ingredients such as coconut oil and other plant extracts.  For example, Tamanu is one of our range’s key ingredients that has been historically used in sacred rituals in the South Pacific Islands and as a form of skin nourishment due to its wound healing properties. 

Natural skincare is better for the environment

Free from the chemicals and harsh production practices of traditional cosmetic products, natural skincare supports a greener future for the next generation by only using Australian Certified Organic ingredients that are free from pesticides, parabens and preservatives. The best bit? Natural skin and hair care products are kind to our oceans, with ingredients sourced from nature to ensure minimal disruption to our ocean’s precious ecosystems. 

Natural skincare is perfect for all skin types  

One of the biggest benefits of natural skincare is its gentle formulation and soothing ingredients that ensure everyone from sensitive to oily and even dry skin types can reap the rewards of using these natural products in their daily skincare routine. Now that’s skincare made simple! 

 Natural skincare restores the skin’s natural PH levels

Packed with a rich, nourishing blend of oils and butters including shea, coconut and tamanu oil, natural skincare helps restore skin’s natural PH levels by supporting and protecting the skin’s natural oil production.  

Natural skincare is backed by science 

One of the common misconceptions about natural skincare is that its ingredients aren’t checked for purity and aren’t scientifically tested. However, natural skincare products adhere to the same guidelines and cosmetic standards as traditional products, with these natural ingredients tested for purity to ensure optimal results for every skin type.

Natural skincare is tested on loved ones 

The best bit about natural skincare? These products are crafted with love and with future generations in mind. At Vatea, our entire skin and hair care range are tested on loved ones and trusted by mums and families across the country, making these products the perfect natural choice for you and your family. 
Ready to make the switch to natural skincare products? Explore Vatea’s full skincare range here. 

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