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VATÉA and eco travel

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
VATÉA and eco travel
We're so happy for Salsalis, one of Australia's premier eco lodges, visited by celebrities and the infamous royal Aunt and Uncle, Pippa Middleton and James on their last trip to Australia.

As far as eco lodges, we've also recently partnered with MirruMirru bubble tents based in Northern NSW and opening soon and of course Palm Beach guest houses.
What does this mean for VATÉA? VATÉA is a brand for the explorers of our world, ones who see the nurturing of Mother Nature as a two way street, the importance of giving back as well as taking.
Eco travel for eco brandsAn eco lodge at it's best! 

Almost 100% of the Salsalis power is solar-powered generated. There is no internet connection or signal, only a 220-volt power point for guests to charge camera batteries. The site uses gas hot water service. The tents or lodge operate without air conditioners, instead, leveraging naturally cool coastal breezes.

Each en-suite bathroom has a Nature Loo. Each tent is allocated 20 litres of water per person, per day – as well as a three-minute shower time policy. Filtered drinking water is supplied at camp where guests are encouraged to refill personal bottles.

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