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10 ways your body and our planet benefit from clean skincare

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
10 ways your body and our planet benefit from clean skincare
VATÉA clean skincare is rich in plant and fruit oils, extracts and butters to enrich and nurture your skin, plus keep our water ways clean, our agriculture strong and our toxicity at a manageable level.

As a supporter, here are 10 benefits you should feel proud of..

1. Maintaining your fertility and your loved ones: VATÉA clean skincare products have safe, natural preservatives and without the harmful phthalates that are well publicised for the immense harm it can have on your current fertility and in the future.

2. With natural, organic ingredients, your body is adapting to our organic world over a synthetic. Research indicates, a lack of organic substances in our homes is said to impact our our bodies immune systems. Without regular exposure to organic substances including plants and organic compounds in dirt, our body can experience these substances as poisons if suddenly exposed leading to an allergic response which can be inconvenient at the least and life threatening for some. We don't need to look too far to know the dramatic increase in allergies over the last 40 years and the hygiene hypothesis , while still under investigation is said to be a major influence.

3. Using clean skincare, you're supporting local and international agriculture by providing our valuable farmers with an incentive to continue to work on the land, which is particularly important in developing countries where food security can be uncertain.

4. Beautifying for the skin: Clean skincare is enriched with fruit, plant, and seed oils, extracts and butters which are incredibly beneficial to the appearance of the skin and nutritious to your body, supporting your inner glow.
5. Non irritative ingredients: Irritating ingredients such as certain preservatives, sulphates and fragrances can cause skin sensitivities, leading to painful skin irritations and stress.  It's been reported that over half the world’s population has experienced some form of skin irritation in their lifetime, it's also been reported that the major cause of skin irritations are the harsh ingredients found in many household soaps and detergents.

6. Keeping our waterways free of hormone disrupting chemicals which affect the growth and reproductive organs of our valuable marine life which not only provide joy to so many of us yet contribute to valuable links in our ecosystem.

7. Value for money: While clean beauty can seem more expensive, the long-term cost far outweighs the short term. As previously mentioned, the emotional and financial cost of skin sensitivities, potential fertility issues, plus the benefit of enjoying a natural glow over the need for expensive makeup is more cost-effective long term.

8. Fresher products: A challenge for clean beauty are the limited expiry dates, this is a major benefit for customers as customers can be assured their skin and haircare is always fresh.  Brands using harsh preservatives can last up to 10 years, while clean beauty washes and moisturises are usually limited to 3 years, this excludes oils and balms which also last up to 8 years.

9. The scents is natural and harmonious: The natural scents of essential oils are less irritant than synthetic fragrances which can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

10. Cleaner bathrooms: The secrets out, clean beauty 100% means clean bathrooms!  You’re probably already aware that using washes and shampoo without frothy sulphates leaves your shower and bath clear of bathroom scum. While there will always be a small amount of residue, this is easily wiped away with a natural bathroom cleaner, no need for scrubbing with harmful bleach!  

Of all reasons, this is a sight to behold and an indication of how your body is benefiting.

Please continue to enjoy and be proud to be part of ensuring a cleaner planet!

X Liz

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