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The holistic approach to skincare

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
The holistic approach to skincare

We’ll tell you the facts, and what you put on your skin is just one element to achieving gorgeous, fresh skin. Genes do play a part although not as much as people might think. What does impact the condition of your skin does take a little effort and focus, although the benefit will not impact your skin, yet your whole self – your mood, energy levels and emotions – who doesn’t need a little more stability in these elements?

The different elements are..

How much you sleep: Aim for at least 8 hours a night. Try getting to sleep at the same time every night. To be in perfect harmony, the key is to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light. This of course is not possible for 95% of us, so aim for 9pm to enable a good 8-9 hours sleep and a fresh wake up at 5am or 6am, not only benefiting your skin, limiting puffiness yet benefiting your moods and emotions.

Morning and night face washing: This is particularly important for people with oily skin.  Sebum builds up overnight, clogging pores, bacteria settles onto your skin from your pillow, plus, potential sweat and dribble can cause redness around your mouth, your chin and in the creases next to your nose. These are the key reasons why you need to wash your face morning and night,  to ensure fresh skin prior to applying makeup or planning your days activities.

What you drink: Drinking 1.5-2 litres of water every day in addition to your usual drinks is fundamental to healthy kidney’s, liver, gut and digestive health, affecting your energy, immunity and your appearance, so drink water and limit alcohol, sugar drinks and caffeine. 

What you eat: There are many diets and eating preferences that it would be impossible to cover, although the holistic approach is to cover all elements, which can simply be eating as many different colours of fresh food and vegetables as possible.  Without being a design consultant, it could be as simple as focusing on presentation of your food, trying to challenge yourself to an array of colours on your plate, which as they say can be as pleasing to your eye as it is to your palate.  Aiding your skin, energy levels, mood and general self-esteem.

What you apply to your skin; This is the key part of the toxic overload many of our bodies are experiencing affecting our hormone levels, emotions and energy due to the toxins in our environment that are absorbed through inhalation, topically through our skin and of course what we eat.  The easiest way to cut down on the toxins is to use clean skin care that’s industry accredited, like VATÉA. We not only pack every one of our products with nutrient rich plant oils and extracts, we’re toxic free and industry accredited, multipurpose and gender neutral.




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