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5 tips to better sleep

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
5 tips to better sleep
If you’re ever in doubt that lack of sleep has a major impact on your skin, take a look at your skin after a sleepless night..ok you might be 21, well for the rest of us, it really matters and if you are 21, it’s one of the best habits to  ensure a calm life. In fact, there is nothing better then a good nights sleep!
If you're not a convert already, here are 5 interesting facts;

Hormones are more regulated; Whether you’re 21, 41 or 51, our hormones fluctuate daily and affect our moods. If we’re tired and lacking sleep, hormones can affect us for the worse, intensifying stress levels, potentially increasing blood pressure. Sleep helps regulate hormones and if you are someone who has problems with sleep, the problem could simply be the irregularity of your sleep.  Try using an alarm on your personal device to help remind you of an appropriate sleep time. Or try a consistent morning routine as an incentive to get to bed early. This will help with regulating your sleep and improving the appearance of your skin.
Improved immunity: Most of us know the feeling of summer colds, that usually hit around December, or the flu that starts on the first day of your holiday.  Preceding these colds and flus is usually a time of stress, trying to fit too much in which invariably is accompanied by a lack of sleep. This December, or the week before your next holiday, make sure you take it easy by preparing for your holiday weeks before, not days  – imagine the holiday that starts with you feeling relaxed and healthy, rather than one that only ends with that wonderful feeling.

Hydrated: To have a good sleep, it’s important to be well hydrated. Rather than drinking a few glasses of water before bed and waking up to pee, (interrupting valuable sleep time) remember to sip water throughout the day and before every other drink.  Whether it’s tea, coffee, or wine, try to drink a full glass of water beforehand.
Eyes are wider: When we look at ourselves in the mirror, with wide eyes and clear sclera (or the white part of your eyes) we feel good and we know we look good.  Good sleep prevents puffy eyes, which down the track supports our sense of self.

You look happier:
2021 has challenged us as a global community and personally and with that a realisation,  the value of Kindness.  Although in order to practice kindness for yourself and with others, it doesn’t help if you’re tired and cranky after a sleepless night. To feel good about yourself, practice consistent sleep, and share the feeling to be both beautiful on the inside and out.
All these points, direct us to the fundamental issue of our wellbeing and our mental health. To support a secure mind, strong sense of self and natural beauty, there's no doubt a good nights sleep plays a key part.
Try our Pure Body Oil filled with lavender and chamomile for your night routine to help you rest. 

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