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An amazing, natural, nurturing conditioner

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
An amazing, natural, nurturing conditioner
VATÉA Nurturing Conditioner has 5 amazing elements to ensure healthy, gorgeous hair to ensure a soft comb through and a nurtured scalp!

1. Rich oils that support sensitive, dry hair including tamanu, moringa and coconut. Oils that have been used for thousands of years by South Pacific islanders and South Asian communities to beautify the hair and maintain a healthy balanced scalp.

2. Fantastic comb through for tangled hair. Great results for curly, frizzy or particularly dry hair. The creamy texture absorbs into the hair and smooths out any tangles.

3. Head lice removal and support. VATÉA Conditioner can be used as a safe, natural, lice removal through an easy, non fuss comb through. Simply apply a large amount of Nurturing Conditioner to the hair and comb through with a standard comb. Then divide the hair into small pieces and use a specifically designed fine lice comb and comb the fine strands wiping on a tissue with each comb and pick out louse and eggs and place in olive oil or boiling water. Rinse hair after and repeat after 1 week.

4. VATÉA essential oil blend for Nurturing Conditioner smells beautiful and supports sensitive skin with a delicate dry skin formula made from essential oils of frankincense, rose geranium and lavender to further calm the senses.

5. Supporting the farmers of the south pacific who need our support to continue their agricultural pursuits as they fight climate change with increasingly regular cyclones and other natural disasters.

VATÉA Nurturing Conditioner was awarded Editors Choice with the Organic Beauty Award in 2020.  Thank you to an amazing organising keeping Australian cosmetics super clean. Shop HERE 

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