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Are endocrine disruptors in skincare? Yes, although you're safe with us!

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
hormone Safe Skincare, endocrine disruptor
While Shanna Swan, one of the world’s top epidemiologists and author of Countdown predicts the world is heading for a fertility crisis due to the ever-increasing levels of endocrine (or hormone) disrupting chemicals in our bodies, we have your skin, hair and baby care covered. You’re safe with VATÉA.

Skin is our largest organ and whatever goes on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and kidneys.

In 2017, Swan co-authored a study that found sperm levels of an average western male had dropped to 59 per cent between 1973 and 2011. She’s since updated that projection with a more startling prediction that at our current rate, the sperm count of an average male in the modern world could drop to zero by 2045. Further analysis is found in her recently published book, Countdown.

All sorts of chemicals, notably bisphenols – BPAs, found in hard plastics; triclosan, which is in certain toothpastes; parabens and phthalates found in cosmetics, shampoos and general personal care products can disrupt our endocrine system.

At VATÉA we are by your side through the joys (and sometimes the heart-breaking grief) of pregnancy and childbirth. We’ll support you with skin and haircare that ensures soft, supple skin and as a bonus, aids in the health of your internal and reproductive system.

While we can’t change the level of toxicity in the air we breathe and the plastics that surround us, we guarantee our products are free from toxins, and made with pure and natural ingredients that restore, support and maintain the beauty of your skin.

Australian made, award-winning, VATÉA skin, hair and baby skincare is Australian Certified Toxic Free with Safe Cosmetics Australia and Australian Certified Organic.


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