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A home spa with ground coffee and Soothing Oil Wash

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
A home spa with ground coffee and Soothing Oil Wash
Wish your loved ones and yourself a happy skin holiday, with our gorgeous collection of spa like products..

Here's an idea at home to try, it includes ground coffee..

Create a home made scrub by adding ground coffee to award winning VATÉA Soothing Oil Wash.  The unique blend of oils heals the skin and supports the eradication of free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

Step 1

Jump in the shower with a bottle of VATÉA Soothing Oil Wash and about 2 table spoons of ground coffee in a plastic container. Leave the coffee just outside the shower so you can reach and add it to the Soothing Oil Wash at the right time without getting it wet.  

​​Wet your skin, then turn off the shower and start massaging a blend of oil wash and coffee into your body, starting at your feet, working between your toes and work up your legs, your arms and whole body finishing at the heart area. This ensures all the energy is centred to the heart energising your skin and emotions.   A good home scrub rejuvenates and supports dry skin, by enhancing elasticity,  improving circulation and stimulating the production of new skin cells. 

Next step..

Step 2

Squirt a few drops of VATÉA Pure Body Oil into the bath, or rub the oil generously all over your body, before getting into the bath. Then once in, rest as your skin absorbs the oil to complete the rejuvenation process.  Rest for as long as you like as VATÉA calming oils soothe the mind and the skin.

When finished in the bath, pat skin dry with a towel and wear a bathrobe or old dark clothes while the oil absorbs further. Perhaps take a rest, sleep or put your feet up..Ideally done before bed.

If it can't be a holiday, it can certainly feel and smell like one.

SHOP HERE and build your holiday spa experience.  

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