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Yoga for the Mind, Body and Skin

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Yoga for the Mind, Body and Skin

Would you like even more glowing skin? By practicing yoga, you can improve the circulation through the body, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the skin, resulting a beautiful glow.

The best poses for the skin are inversion poses including downward dog, plough pose, headstand, plus the simplest to do anywhere; lying down with your legs up the wall. Stay in the poses, breathing deeply for 2-5 minutes..

These poses are called inversions as the head is below the knees, either by standing or lying down. Not only does this increased oxygen flow beautify the skin, it also enhances mental clarity and concentration, plus strengthens and tones the body.

A simple way to re-engineer your mind and body that also benefits your skin.  Keep moving and stay well. 

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