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VATÉA protects your sensitive skin

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
VATÉA protects your sensitive skin
Our mission here at VATÉA is to support your dry and sensitive skin conditions and prevent further skin conditions from developing.  Scientific research from 2019 published in 'Frontiers in Medicine' indicated that more than half of the population in over 20 countries on 5 continents have experienced some form of sensitive skin conditions.
As our understanding of the gut has grown dramatically over the years, so has our understanding of the skin.
If you or your little ones are experiencing sensitive skin, switching to natural and organic skin and hair care is the best choice for your family. Free from parabens, sulphates and harsh cleansers, natural skin care products help to restore the skin’s natural oil production with ingredients sourced straight from nature. At VATEA, our Revival Skin Collection features the best of our Certified Organic skincare range with nourishing plant oils, extracts and essential oil blends suitable for sensitive, dry and flaky skin. The best bit? This collection is perfect for the whole family to use.
Like the gut, the skin needs its natural bacteria to keep the PH level in balance and provide protection from harmful bacteria causing inflammation. As many of us are using hand santiser throughout the day, plus harsh sulphate rich hand washes, we’re constantly removing this natural fatty layer of the skin which is rich in healthy bacteria leaving our skin open to inflammation and irritation.  Start and stay toxin free, with Natural and Organic Skin Care.

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