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We're Moving Forward With Plastic Free Cosmetic Packaging

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
We're Moving Forward With Plastic Free Cosmetic Packaging
Five years ago when I first started VATEA, I was over joyed to create natural and organic skin, hair and baby skincare products that both supported and prevented dry, irritating skin conditions. We won awards, received amazing feedback from both customers and retailers, although growth stalled. 
I felt flat with the business and with self reflection, I realised, there were very few viable solutions to plastic packaging, plastics that would pollute our oceans and our landfill and take up to 300 years to biodegrade.  In our capitalist existence, in the world of products, growth equates to waste and there's been no way to avoid this that has been safe for families (glass) and that has been truly sustainable (ocean + bio plastics and single use aluminium).
Although, I'm now thrilled to be working on a functional, nourishing, financially viable, aesthetic and super practical solution to the problems of plastics in skincare, that will benefit ourselves, our loved ones and our planet. 

I'm probably getting ahead of myself, although to all our customers and subscribers, you're amazing as you support us, a small Australian, innovative company creating the future of skincare!
Yes, we have big dreams... Although as a customer, you know we work hard to provide you with quality, unique and plant based skincare you can trust.  We've also known we can do better.. which we believe we are. 


Our product is due for release next May as we've engaged cutting edge Industrial Designers to create a unique, patented design.

To ensure this product succeeds and reach our goal of 1% of the global market share and prevent 20,000 tones of cosmetic waste entering our oceans and landfill, we're looking for investors, we also need to raise some funds.. So we need your help to clear out our warehouse..I'd also loved to chat if you would like to be involved in any other way? 

So, in the short term, please enjoy the sales, enjoy our products.. don't save the packaging, even though it will become vintage, or just a relic of our time we might like to forget! 

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