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A Personal Journey

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
A Personal Journey
Six years ago, I sat in the surgery of a Respiratory Specialist to be diagnosed for the third time by a medical practitioner with Asthma.  I didn’t believe I had asthma and I was correct.  Although it took a visit to an Integrative Doctor, an Allergist, a course of Immunotherapy to overcome the allergies,  plus a change to organic and natural products in our home to realise how possible it is for our bodies to heal and overcome some of the most chronic conditions. I've now been completely free of asthma and related symptoms since.  

Doctors are wonderful and save countless lives daily and support some of the most complex illnesses, although never be afraid to trust your own intuition when it comes to your health or the health of your family.  

This is what inspired me to start VATÉA,  the belief and understanding that plant based products can heal and support certain chronic conditions in a far gentler and balanced way than medicines.  

Further inspiration were the amazing Fijian islanders from Rotuma,  who taught me so much about the important healing aspects of their oils. 

VATÉA is enriched with plant oils that extracts that have been used for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders and other tropical cultures  to heal the skin of wounds, rashes and irritations, plus support and strengthen the immunity.  

Many users of VATÉA have contacted me to tell me how wonderful our Balms, Oil Washes and Oils are in supporting their and the skin conditions of their family.  

Do you have a simliar experience where you've been able to heal yourself naturally? We would love to hear?

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