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Walking barefoot with loved ones

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Walking barefoot with loved ones

It's cold in most parts of Australia and New Zealand, although if it's a sunny day, try walking barefoot, even if it's for a quick half hour, you won't be disappointed. It's tingly in the cold, invigorating, and can also exfoliate the winter skin from your feet.  

As we spend more time indoors due to the season and current laws relating to coronavirus, it's more important then ever to keep connected to friends and nature. There's nothing better than a walk outside, make the most of every minute you have to spend valuable minutes outside and with loved ones.

I've come to appreciate the challenges of our time as one to embrace change and most importantly of all, to keep moving, both emotionally and physically.

To be like a river flowing to the ocean.

Stay well and stay connected. 

x Liz 


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