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Oil, a pathway to the soul

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Soothing Oil Wash for natural skincare
Oils: a pathway to the soul
Plant oils have been valued by humanity for thousands of years for medicinal, religious and cosmetic purposes. From Christian priests anointing the sick during religious ceremonies, to Pacific and South East Asian communities using oils for medicinal purposes and Cleopatra famously using oils for beauty treatments and further, Egyptians embalming the dead.
As more is increasingly being realised through scientific research how our largest organ, the skin, provides nutrition to our bodies, it’s also becoming apparent it’s not as simple as it seems.
For example, an article published by American Science Direct, states that while the body does absorb oil, nutrients from vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, do not penetrate the skin as much as people would expect. In fact nearly all substances excluding oil remain on the top of the layer of the skin. As we learnt in science, while oils mix well with oils, oils and water and other substances do not mix. Further, the skin is covered by a layer of oil, or lipids, to protect and nourish the tough keratinous surface, this natural oil will easily absorb oil that is placed on the skin. In fact, scientific research has proven that essential oils placed on the surface of the skin can be found in traces in the bloodstream up to 15 minutes, peaking at 30 minutes.  
This is one of the many reasons we are proud to create products extremely rich in oils, effective and kind  – for you and the Earth.

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