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The Key to Inner and Outer Health is Good Circulation

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Improve your circulation with VATEA Natural and Organic Skin, Hair and Baby Skincare
The key to absolute inner and outer health is so simple and incredibly cost effective,  it's called circulation.
Good circulation is the healthy flow of oxygen rich blood around your body.

Low to moderate exercise can help with circulation although if it's not varied enough then the flow of blood is simply not reach all parts of body, causing stiff or painful joints.
The quick solutions to improve the circulation of your inner body are;
  • Vary your exercise routine weekly.
  • Stretch your whole body regularly.
  • Don't stay in the same position for too long, which includes sitting at a desk or reading a book.
If want to take it up a notch..
  • Practice vinyasa yoga 3-4 times a week.
  • High energy work outs.
  • Cold water baths.

For the skin, the secrets out.  It's the process of massaging or exfoliating the skin that provides the most benefit.  

What you're using on your skin is also incredibly valuable as far as limiting toxins and enriching your skin with the right vitamins in their natural form,  although the actual process of massaging and exfoliating cannot be emphasised enough.  

If you're feeling low on energy, skins a little dull, perhaps a bit lumpy... I guarantee, if you take part in a different form of exercise to what you're accustomed to, exfoliate your body from your feet up and finish at your heart, you will feel re-energised with a renewed glow that radiates from the inside out.  

Take care and love your inner and outer self.

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