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No more frizzy hair!

I'm in the ocean and exercising a lot so my hair needs extra love. This conditioner is so nourishing and smoothing. I love it! And it smells beautiful too! Bree W.

Fantastic products

So happy with the feel on mine and my children's skin. Smells delicious and love the designs on the bottles. Nadelle S.

Beautiful Baby Gift Box

I bought this gift box for my son, who’s eczema seems to have flared again. After trying SO many brands, I’m so pleased to say that this has helped his skin immensely. Emma V.

  • I have sensitive skin, can I use VATÉA products?

    Yes, VATÉA products are made with extremely gentle, natural ingredients with minimum preservatives and essential oils to ensure your skin, and the skin of your family does not become irritated. 

  • Are VATÉA baby products suitable for newborns?

    The soap that’s included in the Baby Dream Box is ideal for newborn skin. You can also use Dreamy Baby Wash In first weeks of life.  You will need to use a very small amount of soap on the bottom to remove poo and in the creases of your baby’ neck where your baby tends to dribble during feeding.  Ensure, you use the minimal amount and rinse all soap thoroughly with water after use.  Apply an oil emollient in the first few weeks, and after Loving Baby Massage Oil blend to keep a protective oil layer on your baby’s skin to prevent irritation.

  • My child has eczema, what product should I use?

    The best product to start is the flaky skin box for kids.  The oils in our products are carefully chosen to support your skin, the more oil the better. If the skin is broken, with cuts or abrasions, use Gentle Baby Balm as this will heal and not irritate the skin.